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Thank you, Mr. Burrell! I was at your class last year and my gross income was 50 % more than the previous year and it was thanks to your negotiation class! Thank you!

– Monica Mendez

Weather you are representing the buyer or seller, you will leave this class with information you can use in your business starting tomorrow.
Jane Catherine Bauer
Tim is an excellent instructor. Fast paced class with lots of useful information. I highly recommend. Nice way to spend a few hours of C.E
Donna Marie Ekins Kapner
Great class presented in a fabulous format. “Teach with a story” and snacks to boot. What could be better?Allison M. Summey
Tim’s experience & stories added a valuable dose of reality.
Sheryl Graham
Excellent class & one that all new agents would benefit.
Louis Goetz
One of the best real-estate classes I have ever attended. Tim teaches skills needed for life.Anne Rice
Very interesting material.Patti Kiley
Tim has great stories to illustrate his points. The information is useful in life, not just real estate.Brenda barker
Very engaging, common sense advice tailored to the real estate industry. Fast paced, packed with useful tips, tools, do’s and don’ts.
Edythe Flemings Thompson
A brilliant demonstration from a master. Tim brings back collaborative negotiating and reminds us that we still attract more bees with honey, not vinegar. Excellent resources, facts, figures and anecdotes.
The class was great. Enthusiastic and full of memorable stories.Karole Foster
Tim engages his students with real world examples, told in new and relevant ways. Highly recommended.
Beth Reynolds
Worth many times the price of the class. Teaches how to best represent our clients.
Bill Dixon
This is real-world information that I can use to make my business more successful and my life easier Louise Griffin
Come and get a glimpse of “The Art of Negotiating”. This is a very informative class.Angie Yellock
Tim gave us good tips and educated us in negotiations not just on contract (OTP) also Negotiating repairs.
Nil Varinca
Tim reviewed real-time scenarios and offered realistic ideas on how to handle them.Jennifer Crawford
Tim Burrell’s Negotiating
class is thorough,
informative and relevant to any negotiating situation
one might experience as an agent. His course is
beneficial to agents young and old.Michael Swenson
Very helpful and informative. Great tips on evaluating the appropriate strategy for each negotiation.
Mary Ann Wilson
Professional level speaker with exceptional content. Class should be mandatory for all brokers.Paula Burgess
My biggest take away was “Knowledge is power”. Find out what is important to the other side.
Stacey Danzey
Tim was very knowledgeable and entertaining. Great examples and first hand stories that apply to today. This class will make you a better Agent.Gene Walters
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Great tools to add to tool box. This class gives organization and strategy to negotiating skills; whether it comes natural or more of a challenge, these are some great nuggets of information for all skill levels!Lisa Porter Dismore
Thanks for your excellent presentation of new information and reminding us of old information and technique we learned a long ago.James R. Graham
Excellent breakdown of material. I wanted to hear more stories.
Kathleen Herrmann Mazza
Great class- very appropriate and timely for continuing offer market place.
Lois Sylvia Saxby
Tim’s class provides many valuable tips for representing your clients in a more effective and professional manner.Stephen Mckaig
Regardless of your years of experience, this course offers to old to sharpen your negotiation Susan Reinhard
Tim delivers his information in a very relatable manner. His advice on negotiating will surely help me have successful transactions with my future buyers & sellers. Highly recommended.Daria Crater
The art of Negotiation is a skill not taught in Real Estate School and is probably the most important skill an agent can have.Pat McElroy
Tim Kept us engaged!
You can tell he enjoys
teaching and he made the
learning fun!
Tania Tinsley Little
Excellent class, very informative and time well spent.Rebecca Duncan
In his class, The Art of Real Estate Negotiating, Tim relates many, many strategies that will help you build your negotiating skill set, especially in strong seller’s market. Don’t miss this class!Laura Hill Cobb
Wonderful instruction with relevant examples!Ashley Rummage
Loved Tim’s Book “Create A Great Deal” and his Negotiating class! Includes very important information that will make the transaction a “win-win” for all!Cary Greenleaf
Very relevant tools to use in today’s competitive market.   Julia Cowlbeck
Useful & engaging, real world skills and relatable stories. Highly recommended. Matt Minor
Powerful Knowledge that will be easy to apply. Tim is very relatable and full of laughter.Tammie Harris
Fantastic source of information. Tim is both knowledgeable and entertaining!Nicole Kaghat
Double Whammy: Entertaining & Engaging Erin Daniel
Current and applicable information. Learn it today use it tonight.Theresa Smith
For a new realtor, this opened up a new and alternative ways to make my buyers successful in purchasing a home. Can’t wait to start using new techniques I learned.Pam Morrisey
If only I could have Tim with his wisdom and his stage presence in all of my future negotiations! I would be in the 1B category ! I love the backup offer!Martha Page
What a class – full of great ideas and techniques.Chris Clark
Class was informative and engaging. I experienced a couple of “light bulb” moments. Sheryl Cromedy
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This is the only course … showing you how to really, truly negotiate a deal.
– George Worley

“I’ve been in the real estate business for over 40 years and have had many wonderful instructors in my CE classes over the years, but this has been the most informative, useful, and enjoyable class I have ever attended.”
– Tony Stone

Learned a lot of good negotiating tools that will be put to good use in the future with my buyers and sellers.Beth Pettis
So many good takeaways… relevant for every broker, new or seasoned.Matthew Palmer
Used real-life scenarios to make the class more relatable and more useful.
Corey Short
I’m so glad I listened to my intuition and decided to attend your class when additional days were added. Thanks so much for sharing your real life experiences with all attendees. I sure wish this would be made mandatory in Special Topics post licensing class.
Meanwhile, I plan to encourage others to attend your class. Thanks to your wonderful wife for her wonderful hospitality! Elizabeth Dunn
The information Tim gave me, allows me to
be a better buyer’s agent & listing agent, put me and my client on top and gave me the cutting edge as a Realtor against other Realtor because of the negotiating skills I’ve learned.Lori Edwards
I learned a lot about the psychology of the deal. Good class. I recommend it to everyone.Marcelo Rosero
I really enjoyed the class today. I found his style to be calm, informative, professional.Brandon Jozwiak
I’ve been selling real estate for many years and this course was one of the most helpful CEs ever! I wish I’d had this course last week!Ann Cavallito
Excellent class. Informative and interesting. I am glad I chose this class for my CE.Mona Martin